LAW7621 - Clinic: Mediation

LAW7621 - Clinic: Mediation

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In this clinic, students are trained to serve as mediators in court-annexed and community mediations, under the supervision of both in-house clinic faculty and externship supervisors. Mediation forums and subject matters vary from year to year, but most recently have included small claims and landlord-tenant disputes in Hartford Superior Court and child custody and visitation disputes in Family Relations Courts around the state. During the first five weeks of the semester, class meets twice each week for three hours each session, on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. During this period, students receive intensive training in mediation skills and observe the settings in which they will be mediating. Beginning in the sixth week of the semester, students conduct mediations and keep journals reflecting on their experiences. Students discuss their cases and examine a variety of skills, ethical and theoretical questions pertaining to mediation and the alternative dispute resolution movement. Limited Enrollment.