COVID-19 Information

The School of Law follows the University of Connecticut’s guidelines on vaccination, masking and social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While at the UConn School of Law, students, faculty and staff must also be aware of the the guidelines and requirements set out by the city of Hartford, the state of Connecticut and the University. Below are a number of resources concerning testing, masking and vaccinations.

Please note that the processes for COVID testing and proof of booster vaccinations at the School of Law are different from those followed on other University campuses. Please continue reading below for information specific to UConn Law students.

Vaccination and Booster Requirements

UConn Law students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and must receive a booster when they become eligible. CDC guidance indicates that individuals are eligible to receive boosters at least five months after the second shot in their initial Pfizer or Moderna series. Those receiving the single Johnson & Johnson shot are eligible after two months. UConn Law students must submit proof of boosters using this form from the Registrar’s Office  -- not the University link for SHAW. Students who received a medical or non-medical vaccination exemption are not required to be boosted, and those requesting a booster exemption should reach out to Student Affairs.

Test Results, Quarantine and Resources

Students who test positive for COVID-19 should inform Student Affairs so that the staff can help develop a plan for a safe return to campus. Please consult the University's latest guidelines for more information about isolation in response to a positive COVID test or COVID symptoms and more information about quarantining in response to COVID exposure.

On-Campus Protocols

The School of Law follows the University's guidelines and protocols for masking, social distancing and other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The protocols for visitors applies to all UConn campuses, including the law school. View the UConn Campus Visitor Access Guidelines for more information.

Pandemic Support

The pandemic continues to cause health, wellness and financial difficulties for our students. Support is available in all three of these areas, and students are encouraged to reach out to Student Affairs to discuss options for confidential assistance in the form of referrals, network connections, academic support and financial grants.

University COVID-19 Resources

Arrival Testing

The School of Law is offering arrival testing kits as the campus reopens for the spring semester. These saliva-based PCR tests can be quickly performed on campus, in a car or at home. Students may choose between a self-service test that can be bulk-mailed by the school to the laboratory OR a self-service test that can be dropped at any UPS location. No appointments will be necessary. But all law students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the arrival testing kits. Note: Because the UConn Law campus is not residential, the University's pre-arrival testing requirement does NOT apply to UConn Law students.