Staff Directory

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List of People
Jordan AbbottSenior Director of Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations 570‑5390
Rebecca AltermattArchives and Special Collections Research Librarian
Library 570‑5032
Christine AschenbrennerCo-Director of Information Technology, Support and Operations
Information Technology Services 570‑5158
Rode BatailleAdministrative Program Support 2
Office of Events and Programs 570‑5150
Faye BatesTechnical Services Librarian
Library 570‑5011
Jazmin BelloAcademic Affairs Assistant
Academic Affairs 570‑5078
Jennifer BoltonAdmissions Assistant
Office of JD Admissions 570‑5412
Quinton BrooksComputer Support Specialist
Information Technology Services 570‑5158
Camille ChillFinancial Assistant
Business Office 570‑5139
Katherine CodeanneAssistant Director
Center for Career Development
Maryanne Daly-DoranDigital Services Reference Librarian
Library 570‑5167
Jessica de Perio WittmanDirector of the Law Library, Associate Professor of Law and Cornelius J. Scanlon Scholar
Library 570‑5109
Tracy Evans-MoyerAssistant Director
Center for Career Development 570‑5043
Ronald FleurySenior Director of Development
Development 570‑5270
Julienne FranciscoInterlibrary Loan Specialist
Library 570‑5229
Susanna FrenchMetadata and E-Resource Management Librarian
Library 570‑5009
Laura FriedebergProgram Assistant
Center for Career Development 570‑5443
Tanya GaulLLM/International Career Counselor
Center for Career Development
Hannah GebhardEducational Program Assistant
Legal Clinics 570‑5165
Sarah HodgesAssistant Director of Graduate Admissions
International Programs 570‑5172
Yan HongDirector, Graduate Programs and Admissions
International Programs 570‑5284
Tanya JohnsonReference Librarian
Library 570‑5072
Deborah KingEvents and Programs Manager
Events and Programs 570‑5151
Leslie LawrenceInternational Advisor
International Programs 486‑3855
Jeanne LeblancDirector of Communications
Communications 570‑5020
Michael LennComputer Technical Support Consultant
Information Technology Services 570‑5158
Peter LindsethOlimpiad S. Ioffe Professor of International and Comparative Law and Director, Graduate, International, and Non-JD Programs 570‑5392
Kathleen LombardiCo-Director of the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
Adjunct Faculty 570‑5025
Adam MackieReference Librarian
Library 570‑5071
Gary MackiewiczStaff
Facilities 570‑5456
Ricardo MardalesCo-Director of Information Technology, Academic Technology
Information Technology Services 570‑5158
Julia Rose MerschCore Systems Librarian
Jim MissellManager
Facilities 570‑5456
Christina MohrAssistant Dean of Finance and Administration
Dean's Office 570‑5146
Diana NearhosMarketing and Communications Coordinator
Jessica PanellaHead of Outreach and Community Engagement
Library 570‑5016
Jane PepeRegistrar Specialist
Registrar's Office 570‑5136
Glenn QuinlanFinancial Assistant
Business Office 570‑5161
Cooper RaianoCommunications Design Assistant
Office of Communications 570‑5259
Anne RajotteAssociate Director of Research, Instruction, and Scholarship
Library 570‑5081
Lisa RodinoExecutive Director of Academic Affairs & Registrar
Registrar's Office 570‑5136
Justin RogowskiLibrary Information Coordinator
Library 570‑5031
Lisa RosaAssistant Director of Financial Aid
Student Finance 570‑5143
Mnal SahoobahAdmissions Officer
Graduate Programs and Admissions 570‑5184
Kristina SantasiereAdministrative Coordinator
Dean's Office 570‑5130
Chris SchuckAssistant to the Dean
Dean's Office 570‑5127
Stacy SiskEducational Assistant
Legal Practice
Steven SotoComputer Support Specialist
Information Technology Services 570‑5158
Julia SummersFinancial Analyst
Business Office
Shelby SummersDirector of Student Affairs
Student Affairs 570‑5244
Lauren TerbushDirector of Admissions
JD Admissions 570‑5042
Teresa ThomasAcademic Affairs Assistant
Academic Affairs 570‑5078
Polya TochevaCollections Specialist
Library 570‑5019
Julian TorresAssistant Director of Student Affairs
Department of Student Affairs
Rachele TorresAssistant Director
JD Admissions 570‑5159
Elisabeth UmplebyAssociate Director of Collections, Discovery, and Systems
Library 570‑5007