Faculty Experts in Intellectual Property Law

The depth and excellence of the intellectual property programs at the UConn School of Law reflect the robust and varied scholarship of the faculty, which includes experts in antitrust, patent law, copyrights, trademarks and European and international intellectual property law. They teach a wide array of intellectual property courses while the law school offers an Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic and intellectual property certificate programs for both JD and LLM students.


Diane Covello

Co-Director, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic & Associate Clinical Professor of Law


(860) 570-5075

Starr 313

Hillary Greene

Hillary Greene

Zephaniah Swift Professor of Law


(860) 570-5211

Hosmer 128

Molly Land

Molly Land

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Catherine Roraback Professor of Law


(860) 570-5257

Hosmer 222

Willajeanne McLean

Willajeanne McLean

Distinguished Professor of Law


(860) 570-5280

Hosmer 230

Steven Wilf

Steven Wilf

Anthony J. Smits Professor of Global Commerce


(860) 570-5381

Hosmer 133