Library Staff

List of People
Ryan BarberTechnical Services Librarian 570‑5011
Maryanne Daly-DoranMaryanne Daly-DoranDigital Services Reference Librarian 570‑5167
Timothy DannayTimothy DannaySystems & Emerging Technologies Librarian 570‑5028
Jessica de Perio WittmanJessica de Perio WittmanDirector of the Law Library, Associate Professor of Law and Cornelius J. Scanlon Scholar 570‑5109
Julienne FranciscoJulienne FranciscoLibrary Assistant 570‑5229
placeholder imageSusanna FrenchMetadata and E-Resource Management Librarian 570‑5009
placeholder imageTanya JohnsonReference Librarian 570‑5072
Jennine KottkitzJennine KottwitzLibrary Assistant
Adam MackieAdam MackieReference Librarian 570‑5071
Lisa OuelletteLisa OuelletteProgram Assistant, Student Employment 570‑5016
Jessica PanellaJessica PanellaHead of Access & Administrative Services 570‑5016
Anne RajotteAnne RajotteHead of Reference Services 570‑5081
placeholder imageJustin RogowskiLibrary Assistant 570‑5113
Polya TochevaPolya TochevaLibrary Assistant 570‑5113
placeholder imageElisabeth UmplebyHead of Technical Services 570‑5007