Criminal Defense Clinic

The Criminal Defense Clinic has been representing indigent criminal defendants in Connecticut state and federal courts for more than 50 years. Students enrolled in the clinic represent individuals facing criminal charges in Connecticut Superior Court, and many of the clinic’s more than 400 alumni have become leading criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and other prominent members of the Connecticut bar.

Services for the Public

The Criminal Clinic encourages anyone within the Greater Hartford area with a need for a criminal defense attorney to contact us, particularly if you are currently unrepresented.  We will happily discuss your case with you. 

Contact:  (860) 570-5165 or (860) 570-5166.

Joyce A. Lopes ’24 is pursuing a dual degree in law and social work to develop a broad set of skills for helping people, an interdisciplinary approach that she brought to UConn Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic.

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Student Experience

Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic appear in Connecticut Superior Court as certified legal interns and the primary advocates representing individuals facing criminal charges. Students interview and counsel clients, design legal strategy and draft motions, create and carry out investigation plans, conduct negotiations with prosecutors, and handle court hearings from arraignments to trials and sentencing hearings.

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