Partnership Clinics

The partnership clinics are collaborative endeavors between the UConn School of Law and various partner agencies and organizations. Senior lawyers at the partner organization serve as adjunct faculty, mentoring students and supervising their legal work, sometimes along with other in-house lawyers. Students get valuable live client and/or live office experience assisting with the work of a nonprofit advocacy organization, a government agency, or on behalf of low-income, pro bono clients.

More Information for Students

Child Advocacy Clinic

This course will offer students both formal instruction and on-the job training on legal advocacy for low income children and youth. Students will assist legal staff at the Center for Children's Advocacy in representing individual children in cases involving abuse/neglect, juvenile justice, special education, youth homelessness, and medical/mental health care.

Criminal Defense Appellate Clinic

This clinic is offered in collaboration with the Connecticut Division of Public Defender Services. Under the supervision of appellate attorneys from the Public Defender’s Office, students enrolled in the clinic represent indigent defendants in our state appellate courts. Students learn how to create, write, and present effective appellate arguments addressing issues of substantive criminal law and procedure.

Disability Rights Clinic

Students work under the supervision of lawyers at Disability Rights Connecticut to provide legal advocacy for people with disabilities. They address such matters as discrimination in housing, education, employment and public accommodations; access to health care; individual rights; abuse and neglect; and mental health law.

Elder Law Clinic

Students receive training in the applicable law and lawyering skills and travel to senior centers, assisted-living facilities, and other locations convenient for seniors in order to meet with clients. Students assist clients with the preparation and execution of simple wills, powers of attorney, and advance health-care directives. Other issues that arise in elder law practice will be discussed, including but not limited to needs-based public benefits (such as Medicaid), probate administration, and special needs trusts.

Environmental Law Clinic

This clinic is offered in New Haven in collaboration with Save the Sound (formerly Connecticut Fund for the Environment), the state and region’s premier non-profit environmental advocate. We work to address the climate crisis, preserve land and protect water throughout Connecticut and the Long Island Sound region.

United States Attorney’s Clinic

Students assist in investigating and litigating civil rights and other matters in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Connecticut. In the clinic seminar, students receive instruction on topics including: official misconduct; educational access; human trafficking; hate crimes; rights of persons with disabilities, institutionalized persons, service members and veterans; and federal investigation techniques and procedure.

Veterans Benefits Advocacy Clinic

Students in this clinic advocate for low-income veterans who are in recovery from mental health issues and are represented by the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center. Under the supervision of attorneys accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), students assist clients in obtaining service- and non-service-connected disability benefits, relief from repayment of VA overpayments, and review of discharge status to obtain access to VA benefits.