Student Employment

Student employees work in all departments throughout the UConn Law campus and offer crucial support in the law school’s operations. They serve as receptionists and provide office support in administrative offices. The Thomas J. Meskill Law Library relies on students to staff the circulation desk, shelve books, process interlibrary loans and maintain library catalog databases. Students also staff the Information Technology Services Help Desk and provide computer technical support for the entire law school campus. The Admissions, Careers, Student Affairs, Communications and Event Services offices, among others, employ student workers in a variety of capacities. Faculty members employ second- and third-year law students as research assistants.

The Student Employment Program Office coordinates all aspects of on-campus employment for students. The office is responsible for  advertising job opportunities, recruiting applicants, accepting applications, job placement, processing hiring paperwork, and running the student payroll. Students may work under a Work Study award or they may be employed as student labor funded by the university.  The work and hourly pay rates are the same.

Student Labor

Student Labor positions are open to all University of Connecticut students regardless of financial need. Student employees working on the Student Labor payroll are paid with funds from the UConn School of Law department for which they work. Because there are a limited number of Student Labor positions available on the School of Law campus, students are encouraged to apply early at the beginning of each semester.

Work Study

Work Study funds are awarded by the School of Law’s Office of Student Finance for a specific period of time. The School of Law employs many students who have accepted a Work Study award as part of their financial aid package. Most Work Study student employees work in jobs on the School of Law campus, while a smaller number earn their Work Study award at a UConn approved off-campus work site for a government, nonprofit or community service agency.

Information for Job Applicants

Information for Current Student Employees


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