Student Health and Wellness

A healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise as well as mental and emotional wellness, is critical to a student’s academic success at UConn. Recognizing that the intensity of law school can make it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the UConn School of Law offers a variety of services to help students stay healthy.

Physical Fitness

A climate-controlled gym in the basement of Knight Hall offers cardio equipment, including elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bicycles, a rowing machine and a stair-climber. It also has free weights, benches and fitness accessories. More information about the gym is available from the Office of Student Affairs.

Students may prefer to join an off-campus gym or take advantage of the many opportunities to exercise outdoors. The nearby West Hartford Reservoir is a picturesque spot for a walk, jog or bike ride. It has a paved 5K loop with a dedicated bike lane as well as trails for mountain biking.

Mental and Emotional Health

Faculty and staff at UConn Law recognize that being a law student is a rewarding yet challenging experience. The School of Law is committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where all students can reach their full potential. The Student Affairs staff is available for all students who feel that the pressures of school are negatively affecting them - whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

The Student Affairs Office is also available to offer support and mental health counseling when students experience unexpected personal issues occur during law school, such as illness or bereavement, especially those that have the potential to affect a student’s academic success. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to the Student Affairs staff as soon as possible when these issues arise so that any necessary arrangements can be made and students can productively continue with their studies during a difficult personal situation.

Emergency and Crisis Information

For a fire, medical emergency or other crisis, such as a crime in progress, dial 911 and provide all pertinent information to the city of Hartford’s dispatcher. Please follow up with a call to the UConn Police Department at extension 5173 from any campus phone or (860) 570-5173.

If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking, you can report it to the University, the police or both. Learn more about how the University and the UConn School of Law will protect your rights under Title IX.